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-A sense of a higher purpose in life attained through a strong belief in God.
-The spiritual maturity to actively participate in their faith communities.
-A broad knowledge of the Church’s teaching instills the ability to evaluate moral choices and issues based on Catholic principles.
-An appropriate respect for other religious beliefs.
-An ability to articulate their own faith and beliefs.

MIND: Academic
-The rigorous academic preparation is essential to success at the high school of their choice as well as in higher education.

-A sense of wonder and curiosity instilled within them an eagerness to learn and an appreciation for the pursuit of truth and knowledge as a life-long endeavor.
-A passion for excellence encouraged by the high expectations of faculty and staff
-Critical thinking skills that allow them to identify, analyze, evaluate, and solve problems creatively.
-The ability to utilize technology as an effective tool in creative projects and information processing.
-The ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information demonstrating a mastery of how to think, not just what to think.
Poise and confidence in communicating orally and the grammatical skills to communicate effectively in writing.

HEART: Social
-A strong moral compass to guide them through a secular society often characterized by moral relativism.
-A strong sense of self-worth and compassion for others which facilitates effective personal relationships, cooperation, and teamwork.
-The ability to work both collaboratively and independently with a work ethic reflecting the perseverance necessary for success.
-The motivation to spread God’s love by serving others especially those less fortunate.
-The ability to empathize with those who have different economic, racial, and social backgrounds.

BODY: Physical
-The ability to make positive life choices reflecting self-control and self-respect.
-Respect for their physical bodies that will encourage a commitment to healthful living.
-An appreciation for the values of modesty, discipline, perseverance, and courage.

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