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Mrs. Mary Croteau


Hello, and welcome to St. Joseph Regional Catholic School. During our school’s rich sixty-plus history, we have consistently educated children, both academically and spiritually. Our students go on to be successful not only in high school but throughout their lives as productive and contributing members of their communities. An impressive percentage of our graduates have gone on to be honor and/or AP students in high school. Many have continued their education at prestigious colleges and universities.

The dedicated staff at St. Joseph’s includes teachers who work diligently to offer a strong curriculum. Reflecting a strong commitment to this school and to the principles of Catholic education, many of our full-time staff members hold graduate degrees and are certified in more than one area of education. In addition, they genuinely prefer to work in a truly Catholic school. They all go above and beyond the call of duty to make the school climate nurturing, educationally conducive to learning, and safe.

On a daily basis, the focus is to teach and challenge our students not only to achieve academically, but also to act in the Catholic tradition. Although the majority of our students are Catholic, we welcome students of all faiths. We encourage diversity in ethnicity and race, ever mindful of the calling of education.

Our school serves communities in Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. St. Joseph Regional Catholic School works to create a school community with our motivated students, supportive parents, and a dedicated staff. We work together to provide St. Joseph students with a rich and rewarding educational experience. Thank you for visiting our school.

Mary Croteau


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